Mother and son, Flo Montgomery and David Liebst are responsible for this blog.
Both were brought up in Tanzania and have extensive knowledge of the country, its customs and areas of interest and are passionate about responsible tourism and ecologically sound camps and hotels.


Flo is an artist, poet and author and loves nothing better than to try different safari experiences.
















Growing up in Dodoma in the 1950s



















David grew up in Tanzania and is familiar with its mulititude of Game Reserves, National Parks, Islands and beaches. He left Tanzania to obtain a degree in Travel and Tourism and returned to the country  to work in several safari camps. He helped to construct two camps in Selous, including Lake Manze tented camp.
















This love of fishing goes back a long way...

Amongst other responsibilities at the camps he provided Fishing Safaris to clients looking to experience the wonderful tiger fishing available in Tanzania.  Now he is a free agent, looking to find and share adventures experienced by some of the fascinating people in this beautiful country.














Flo and David manage and run Adventure Camps Marketing - see www.adventurecampstz.com - though they are interested in promoting all the conservation areas in Tanzania, not just the camps they represent.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that tourism development is essential to the continuing preservation of Africa's increasingly rare and precious conservation areas, both in terms of supplying funding for anti-poaching and wildlife management, and also to discourage poachers by the presence of tourists even in remote reaches.

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