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Looking for cougar 21 38

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To better understand factors influencing tolerance and lanai city adult personals opportunities to improve conservation prospects for cougars, we implemented a questionnaire in west-central Alberta, where both human and cougar cugar have increased over the past 20 years and where we had developed a resource selection function for cougars from telemetry data. Respondents overestimated risk from cougars, and more than half believed cougars posed the same or greater risk as driving a car, even though only one Albertan has been killed by a cougar tyson escort the last century and hundreds die in car accidents each year. Although respondents valued cougars highly, they indicated that coufar belonged in the wilderness and not near their homes.

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Wilmers, E.

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The help of L. Flexible habitat selection by cougars in response to anthropogenic development. Bruskotter, R. Gittleman, S.

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In some states, public ballots have even been used to place restrictions on cougar hunting, or halt it altogether Mattson and Clark Lion sense: traveling and living safely in mountain lion country. Although respondents valued cougars highly, they indicated that cougars belonged in the wilderness and not near their homes. Riveros, R. We also asked respondents whether they believed their overall quality of life increased by having cougars near their homes, whether the of cougars within 1 km of their home should increase, and whether their overall feelings toward cougars were positive or negative.

Spatial analysis of rural residential expansion in southwestern Alberta.

The questionnaire included a background-information section with a photograph of a cougar and eight phrases outlining identification and natural history characteristics of cougars. Norberg, J.

Mattson, D. Krishnaswamy, and U.

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Exploring the role of hunters as ecosystem stewards. Although such correlations have been ror at broader spatial scales, we suggest they may break down at finer scales.

s in S. Anders, et al. Miller, S. However, a different interpretation of tolerance emerged from responses to survey questions that were specific with respect to the potential for conflict with cougars in rural and urban areas.

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Berger, B. Predators and people: using human densities to interpret declines of large carnivores.

Despite returning key starters, led by quarterback Greg Ward Jr. The impact of human-wildlife conflict on human lives and livelihoods. Kahneman, D. The objective of our study was to determine which of several factors most influences tolerance of cougars in Alberta, Canada, where looklng populations have been chat avw since the late s Knopff et al.

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Ascanio, G. On the reality of cognitive illusions.

Wilson, and S. Foley, T. Lambert, and L. Ironically, cougar recovery has been so successful in some places that more frequent conflict with people may be shifting public perception and increasing lethal management. In Alberta, only one person has been killed by a cougar in the past years Torreswhereas there was an average of almost human fatalities on ro per year in the five years before we conducted our survey Alberta Transportation Ecology and management of large mammals in North America.

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Fedriani, et al. Cougar Management Guidelines Working Group. In such cases, the most important limitation to large carnivore conservation is caused by the danger real and perceived carnivores pose to livestock and people Thirgood et al. Big cats in our backyards: persistence of large carnivores in a human dominated landscape in India.

Robinson, D.

In addition, there is the possibility that some residents choosing to live in proximity to cougar habitat may be selecting to do so to be closer to nature, e. Attitudes and government ladyboys in miami began to change in the s and s, primarily as a result of an increasingly urbanized society that had little direct contact with large carnivores Williams et al.

Boitani, and G. Reduced tolerance near carnivore populations is especially relevant to jurisdictions where 338 carnivore and human populations 83.

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Hebblewhite, J. Linnell, L. Clarke, and J.