Night visitors in Selous and Ruaha

December 28, 2015


We have a few camera traps at our camps and guests are always very interested to see what wildlife has visited during the night. And there is a lot of it! In Selous we get Elephant and Hippo regularly visiting, along with leopard and honey badger. In Ruaha it is lion, leopard, hyena, jackals and civets who are most frequently seen.



What is particularly interesting is the timing… the leopard is always in first, just after dark, while the guests are having their dinner.



And the lion sneaks down to drink around 4.30-5am. Our Selous camera got chomped by a few hyena, and annoyingly the data card was damaged so not only did we lose the camera, we also lost any cool footage from the mischievous raid! New cameras will be going in for the new season, and if guests bring a head torch with a red light they might even be able to see it all first hand as the game won’t be disturbed by that!


by Emily Liebchen - Authentic Tanzania Safaris


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