Our Leopard friend

February 12, 2016


 Most safari lodges have regular animal visitors who have got used to humans, lights and noise. The same has happened with our mobile camps.


 Kilimatonga camp in Ruaha


When we return to our regular spot in Ruaha, we get one special visitor who is particularly inquisitive. As we drive into our camp near Kilimatonge hill, we see him.



 A beautiful young male, probably between 2 and 3 years old. He is sighted first by the Baboons who give some loud warning barks. Then he breaks cover and strolls through camp.


 By day, his preferred nap location and view point is the sausage tree. By night, he comes down to our waterhole to drink and then crosses over the dried river bed to hunt for hyrax in the hills. 


Another favourite spot for leopards is hanging out in Baobab trees


 Sven and Emily own and run Authentic Tanzania mobile camping safaris.

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