Awesome Lions of Ruaha

May 13, 2016

 Ruaha Male lion - photo by Sven Liebchen


Ruaha National Park in Tanzania is relatively little known. Its the biggest  - not only in Tanzania but probably in Africa.

40% of the Global Population of Lions live in Tanzania - and 10% of the world's lions are in Ruaha - a massive one quarter of Tanzania's lions, all concentrated in a fairly small area. This is where we have our Authentic Tanzania Ruaha mobile camping - though of course we travel all over Tanzania as well.

 Fighting lions over giraffe kill in Ruaha - photo by Andrea Pompele


Some of the Ruaha prides are huge - up to 35 members. This means they have a lot of work to do to kill for the whole pride. Recently we saw one pride of lions kill three buffalo in quick succession!

 Lioness stands guard over giraffe carcass - photo by Rebecca Phillips


Buffalo is the lions' favourite menu - but the buffs disappear for whole stretches of the year, in the dry season. And that is why the lions have learned to add some tasty items to their diet including giraffe and even elephant.



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