Fanjove starts the Season

 We started a new season!


Yes, June 2016 sees the beginning of the fourth season at Fanjove Private Island.


Two months of rain have left us with lush green bushes and healthy coconut trees.

It’s the summer solstice and while the sun rises south east, we are having beautiful sunsets on the north west side of the island just in front of the dining area.




The Southern Cross, Jupiter, Mars and the Milky Way shine brightly through the night and meteorites shoot in the starry sky.

The south wind whispers stories from far away places; whales migrating, boats sailing and a fresh breeze that cools us through the night.

 Wildlife wise, a group of migrating birds from last year seems to be enjoying it here and we are also glad with their pleasant presence.

The same goes for the schools of sweetlips who have made one of the corals their permanent home.

Newborn batfishes get curious when swimming with snorkelers and the sardines come to visit us in the days around the full moon causing a feeding frenzy for the many egrets on the shore.

We had an early sighting of around 200 spinner dolphins with our first visitors on the first week of June.

At night, we have seen a few of what might have been newly born coconut crabs.

A turtle nest carrying 136 eggs has been safely relocated and we are waiting for the hatching to occur.


All in all, it’s new beginnings on Fanjove and we are proud of the achievements made and that the magic is still here around us.

Looking forward to meeting many of you this season!



Guest comments:


"Thank you for making a week in paradise possible. We have been so well looked after - the perfect combination of relaxing and activities. Hassan and the team are doing a wonderful job preserving and taking care of the island.

Many thanks."

Natalie Rose Rutherford.


"Beautiful and enchanting home on an island. We had a lovely stay. 1st visit in 5 years, wish we would have come before, but definitely another visit coming up this year."



"A very brief but wonderful stay. What a simply stunning spot!"



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