10 Great Black & White Wildlife Photos

September 15, 2016

Though no-one can argue the advantages of a good colour photo, for pix of wildlife, black and white brings out the detail as in no other genre. Here are 10 favourite shots taken by Sven while out guiding safaris in the wilds of southern Tanzania.

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 Sven captures the yawn of a leopard in Ruaha National Park

 Magnificent horns of a Greater Kudu in Ruaha


Three Cheetah are fixed on something moving nearby - in Ruaha National Park

 A Banded Mongoose perched upright surveying the scene

 Zebra with Acacia tree in background

 Young lion cub - eyes focussed on the photographer

 Close up of an elephant's eye

 An African Wild dog focussed on its prey - Selous Game Reserve

Yellow-billed storks perched in a dead tree

 African Fish eagle coming down for a catch - Selous Game Reserve


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