Lions, Leopards and loads more...

September 26, 2016

 It’s been an enthusiastic month in Ruaha, wildlife in and around camp is rich and very rewarding.  Sightings of Serval just outside the camp.




 Buffaloes in the Mdonya woodland, Leopards in a classic pose on a tree enjoying the shade during these very hot afternoons, an exciting scene of a fight between a leopard and baboons, who chased the predator in an organized squad attack. The leopard fled away literally jumping from one tree to another.





Sharing stories around the campfire at night, laughing at the sightings and memories of the day.




Sightings of young bull elephants engaging in small friendly fights in front of the fireplace has provided much entertainment as well as watching elephant families with young babies parading  past camp with the mothers, sisters and cousins always protecting the herd.  The beauty of this bush camp is in observing the animals slowly becoming  more relaxed and confident around us. Guests can experience having the elephants just outside their tents eating the fallen seed pods at night or enjoying the dwindling  foliage in the late afternoons, so close that you could almost reach out and touch them  (please don’t they are wild animals).  Total immersion in the wilderness, surrounded by animals - this is the bush experience that we have.



 Our guests ended the month with a sighting that even had our guides on the edge of their seats watching, as an unsuspecting herd of zebra walked right into an ambush by a pride of five big female lions and one young male who with practiced skills easily separated one zebra from the herd and brought it down. 






The Great Ruaha River is a huge pull for all the thirsty animals.


Photos by Rebecca Phillips, Andrea Pompele and Ayoubu Nyan'gango




Mdonya Old River Camp is really a great place to stay. It is a scene of wild animals crossing near the tents! The staff are very friendly and professional and the food is excellent! Thanks for everything!

Krul family, 03.08.16


Stunning! We’ve loved every moment and will cherish the memories. Thank you so much for your generous hospitality in this wonderous spot. There are not enough superlatives! All the staff are so kind, especially Rebecca, Andrea and our super smart guide Kahimba and his assitant Paulo. We’ve seen and learnt so much. Asante!

The Burton family, 06.08.16


Ruaha is absolutely amazing! We saw so much: elephants, giraffe, lions, impalas, kudu, storks, buffalo and many more. Where else on earth is this possible! The staff at Mdonya has been so welcoming, enjoyed conversations with the staff, other visitors and our guides. Learned so much about the environment as well as Tanzania. And the hot water bottles.. what a wonderful touch!

Amy, 12.08.16


Un endroit magique! Sauvage, la naturecomme on l’aime et un accueil a’ la hauteur. Le petit dejeuner en compagnie des elephants restera un grand moment! Merci a’ Rebecca et Andrea pour le professionalisme et leur convivialite’ et l’excellente tenue du camp. Bravo a’ toute l’e’quipe.

Melina, Tanguy, Guillaume et Florence 13.08.16


Siamo venuti qui per cercare di scoprire l’Africa, abbiamo trovato un angolo di paradiso ed emozioni sconosciute a noi di citta’. Grazie a tutto lo staff e alle due guide, avete creato una situazione pittoresca ed emozionante. Ci avete fatto sentire dei piccoli dott. Livingstone! Grazie ad Andrea e alla dolce Rebecca ci resterete sempre nel cuore.

Silvia e Andrea 14.08.16


Dear Mdonya Team, we have truly enjoyed these three days at this unique destination, which is in many ways much more than ‘essential’. Unforgetable game drives, a superb cuisine and above all your great hospitality has made this a highlight of our journey! Thank you so much!!! We wish you and the animals of Ruaha all the best!

The Rogge family, 17.08.16


This was our first safari all family together. My kids appreciated so much the authenticity of the park, the expertise of the guides, the professionalism of the management of the camp, the beauty of the decorations, the comfort and kindness of all the service staff. Thank you for this wonderful stay.

Viken, Antoine, Laura & Alexandra, 20.08.16


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