Paradise has 7 letters!

September 29, 2016


Fanjove Private Island, SongoSong -  News August 2016


This month comes with great progress.

After a long decision made to cut down on the use of plastic bottles to help save our environment and the oceans, we’ve now shifted to producing our own drinkable water using a reverse osmosis to desalinate water.

The operation is a success thanks to all those involved in the process.

Juvenile male Amethyst sunbird on Fanjove

Madagascar Bee-eaters on Fanjove

Skink on Fanjove


Our Conservation Project is helping to tackle lots of environmental issues.
Early this month, we had 8 new buoys chained and moored to the ocean floor to help secure a non-fishing zone, part of protecting the corals and marine life around the Island.


August has been a great month for sighting dolphins and migrating humpback whales.

On the 13th of August we participated in the SWWD (synchronized whale watching day) with no luck on spotting whales but the previous days we were lucky to see them.

A report came from Tofu in Mozambique where the majority of the whales are still calving so we hope they will keep migrating north for a chance to see more of them.


A beautiful footage of an octopus cleaning its den was collected by placing the GoPro around the perimeter of its new home.

We are still debating whether this is an ambitious octopus doing some cleaning or if it is a defensive behaviour.
You can see it here: 


Around sunset time, you can easily spot Jupiter and Venus and this is obviously the best time of the year to watch the milky way and other thousands of stars in the sky.



We look forward to the next month’s surprises.


Guests Comments:


"A huge thank you Hassan, Hakim, Athumani and the rest of the staff (especially chefs Michael and Paolo) for making our 40th anniversary so incredibly special. We've had an incredibly great time - relaxing, enjoyable, with plenty of great exercise and delicious food, and most of all the snorkeling!

Asante Sana!"

- Nancy & charlie Crane


"Thank you for an amazing 3 days here on paradise island that is Fanjove.

It was the perfect place for us to spend part of our honeymoon relaxing and yet taking part in so many of the activities.

Our candlelit lighthouse dinner was beautiful and unforgettable.

Fanjove will always hold a special place in our hearts."

- Barry & Gillie Fenelly


"It is so sad to leave this beautiful island.

We have spent a truly magical time here. We came looking for peace and a relaxing time and what we have found is a world of colors, sounds and amazing people to learn from and have conversations with.

Special mention to Hassan, an incredible eco warrior and Hakim for his never ending smile.

Of course the rest of the staff helped make our stay incredible.

Paradise has 7 letters.

See you soon Fanjove!"

- Ana & Felipe


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