Thousand Stars Safari - Katavi Eclipse

January 21, 2016

This year on September 1st there is going to be an annular eclipse passing through Tanzania. This is when the moon passes in front of the sun and leaves a "ring of fire" annulus of light. A spectacular thing to see! And this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness an eclipse while on safari.

The prime viewing locations will be areas with little ambient light. So the bush was the first option for us clearly! A little bit of research revealed that the centreline of the eclipse passes right over Katavi National Park so Authentic Tanzania are setting up their Thousand Star Camp there for this event, and have booked out a lodge for the more luxury clients. It is a very special safari that we are really excited about!


Solar eclipse: Image by Phil Hart,


African wildlife in its natural environment under the midday sun will suddenly be plunged into an eerie twilight beneath a cosmic 'ring of fire' as Tanzania falls directly beneath the path of an annular solar eclipse - an earth and sky combination that will not happen again in Tanzania until 2031. An annular (from the Latin meaning 'ring-shaped') eclipse is almost total, but it leaves a ring of sunlight around the shadow of the moon. Visitors lucky enough to be in the right location could be able to observe animals reacting to the sudden drop in light and temperature, as well as the stunning circle of fire in the sky above them.


Safari to Katavi to see the annular eclipse: see more at:




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