Mkomazi Walking Safari

January 27, 2016


 We have just finished a special Authentic Tanzania walking safari with some regular clients of ours: Irene

and Jeff. They have been all over Tanzania with us and come back each year for a

different adventure.


This year Sven took them in to Mkomazi National Park. This is a place that less than 800 people a year see, and that includes researchers and local school visits!



It really is the last wild walking area left in Tanzania, maybe even Africa. You don’t want

to drive here – the game is skittish and you won’t see much in a car. You also won’t see

many cats. However what makes it very special is that you really see no other people at

all during your visit. And the game you do see is unusual.



A perfect location for regulars to Tanzania who are looking for something new, and to try their hand at a walking safari adventure. Along with the normal Zebra and Giraffe, you will see Oryx, Lesser Kudu, and the long necked Gerenuk. We have also seen large herds of Elephant and Buffalo, and even the more unusual Striped Hyena and Aardwolf.


 Our mobile camp borders Kenya and Tsavo National Park. The landscape is simply stunning and birdlife is plentiful as well. It is a dry savannah edging to desert, with small lakes focusing the game and birds. The mornings are cool and you often walk in the mist first thing – which lifts to reveal the splendour of the bush.




Irene sent us a photo when she got back home which made us laugh. Our (normally) green safari vehicle had been turned red by the Mkomazi dusty soils as it exited the park at the end of her trip. It serves as a nice reminder why it is a place for walking only – nobody wants a game drive through that dust!!

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