Zanzibar Spas

January 28, 2016

Zanzibar Spas


On the Islands of Unguja and Pemba (Zanzibar) both women and men have been using the indigenous flowers, herbs and spices in their traditional treatments for centuries.

At the House of Spices, we mainly deal with Mrembo Spa ( as they offer something different with excellent quality services and using pure and organic materials.


The Singo

This is a natural scrub traditionally used when a Zanzibari girl is preparing for her marriage. Singo is prepared by Swahili women; it is a magically scented mix of different flowers like fresh Jasmin, Kilua, Ylang Ylang flowers and rose petals combined with cloves and sandalwood. Prior to applying, a little Mrashi (rosewater) is added and then the mix is applied to the bride a few days before she gets married.


Henna Painting

Zanzibar Henna is also an important beauty ritual on the archipelago of Unguja and Pemba and is made of the dried leaves of the henna tree.


Important Advice

Every spa in Zanzibar offers Henna. Nowadays many places unfortunately use the very aggressive piko which has absolutely nothing to do with natural henna and is actually nothing more than hair dye.

Real Zanzibar henna painting takes time but is worth the result, with Zanzibari patterns combining elements from Arabic, Indian and African styles. The henna powder is mixed with black tea and lime juice to retrieve a darker color and must be applied at least twice to get a good result.


 clove buds begin to flower - Zanzibar

 Items for sale in the Mrembo Spa shop - Mrembo means beautiful in Zanzibar


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