Elephant Highway

October 2, 2016


 Lake Manze Camp truly acts as a highway for the elephants going from the mainland to islands in the lake, going right through the camp en route. Its true that elephants do not forget a path!



 Our one tusker family has been a hit this month with nearly daily and nightly visits. The baboons have been their constant supplier of the Doum palm fruits that they drop onto the ground for elephants to eat.




Exciting to see a brand new addition to the family. So young that the little trunk is still a bit stupid.


 Laygos is still hanging around and entertaining our guests and the staff alike with his antics. His quest to shake the living daylights out the Doum palm trees to get to his favorite delicacies, the Doum palm fruit, has everyone in awe.


Lion kill sightings have been plentiful with many a guest sharing their excitement over the dinner table. Our guide Zacharia was in the fortunate position to provide some footage of the tug of war and showdown between members of the Manze pride and some hungry large crocodiles.

 Collared palm thrush - photo by Stef Schliekelmann

 White-browed robin chat - photo by Stef Schliekelmann


We have been lucky to have some bird lovers in camp that have managed to break their own records on the amount of different species spotted in their three day stay. All of them in excess of one hundred and a promise to return soon as they would like to get to at least one hundred and fifty different birds.


See you all soon! Safe Travels,


Shaun, Milli and the Lake Manze Camp team



photo by Stef Schliekelmann


 - photo by Stef Schliekelmann


Guest Comments


Dear Lake Manze Team.Asante Sana!! What a spectacular weekend. Thank you for your expertise, professionalism and warm concern for our every need. I have been on many safaris and this was easily one of the Best. I hope to visit you again.

Sincerely. R J Donovan


Dear Lake Manze we cannot thank you enough. We are sure people tell you this all the time and who spends anytime here will understand – what you have here is truly incredible and we are very grateful to have experienced it for this short time. A wonderful relaxed atmosphere at the same time well organized and professionally run. Thank you to all the staff who can’t do enough for everyone and thank you to the wonders of East Africa – the animals and birds we have seen. Some amazing sights and loved every minute. A great start to married life. We will talk about it forever and hope to return.

Asante Paul and Lauren Green


My stay at Manze was above all expectations, beautiful landscape, great to get so close to animals and super service.

Thanks for everything.Frans Buysse


This is the best holiday ever!!! We couldn’t choose a better place to stay for these wonderful three days. Thanks for everything, the best staff, best accommodation, best guides, best drivers, best views. Amazing. You are all doing a great job. We wish to come back one day.

Ehab and Lana


Spot the elephant:



 Laygos visits the office - photo by Stef Schliekelmann


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