Lake Manze Camp Wildlife Photos

November 4, 2016

 Flying in to the Selous...

 Elephants wander along the lake shore, with Doum palms in the background.

 Baby elephant with outsize ears flapping.

 No-one does relaxing better than lions...

 Hyenas on a giraffe kill near Lake Manze

 Buffaloes congregate near the lake.

 Young lions relaxing

 Lioness with cubs from this year, calling to the rest of the pride.




 The sun goes down in Selous - Borassus and Doum palms dot the landscape, their fruits are one of the elephants' favourite diets.


These super photos were taken by a guest staying at Lake Manze Camp in the Selous Game Reserve.

The lions are from the "Lake Manze Pride" - some of the cubs are new, others are from last year. They frequent the area near the lake and often visit the camp itself.


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