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November 11, 2016

 Hearing the roar of a majestic male lion echo across the camp early in the morning enhances the fact that we are settled deep in the African bush. Seeing the lions from the dining room at Lake Manze Camp, you know that you are in the unspoilt area of the Selous Game Reserve.




What an amazing experience to see Manze pride on the move on the outskirts of camp close to the lake with guests that are gobbling their breakfast down just to get out there to get the shot that creates the memories.

Twice in one month. Fantastic! The two young males from the Manze pride that left last season came for a quick visit one evening to the delight of all our guests. Their roar was heard later that evening as they were calling each other.


 Hamerkop nest


The different types of bird nests that you find in the Selous are fascinating. We found the Hamerkop close to the water with his amazing nest close by.

 Warthog at Lake Manze


It seems that a warthog has moved into Lake Manze camp area as he has been hanging around camp for the last few weeks with not a care in the world, chomping away on his knees.

 Laygos attends a staff meeting


Laygos has been around a lot and can be seen having a staff meeting one morning. It is very special to have the big puppy around so frequently. 


Elephant antic videos....


 The Laygos Shake...

 Super new baby ellie having a moving snack

 Playing around....


Thanks to guest Josephine Heyde for sharing with us her beautiful pictures this month.


                                              GUEST COMMENTS


Thanks a lot for having this amazing place as it is. It has been a pleasure to spend two days in this Eden. And we celebrate the professionalism of all the staff and management in this great place. Thanks

Xesco, Jocua, Gloria, Arindna  Barcelona


Thank you so much Shaun , Milli and the team. What a wonderful time we have had. Hospitality excellent, food superb and the guides amazing. A special mention to Laygos the resident bull elephant who provided much entertainment. Thank you.

Gill and Richard


This place has blown my mind. The staff are brilliant, so friendly, the food super delicious. The tents are perfect with an amazing view and noises of the bush. Shaun and Milli you are wonderful. I could stay forever - fallen in love with Laygos.



Thank you so much. We had a perfect stay. 5 of 5 * We have no words it really could not have been better. We will definitely recommend this place to all our friends. Thank you for being so friendly, welcoming, present and service minded, amazing.









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