Lions for dinner


It is an amazing and extraordinary sight when a giraffe starts to give birth. Then the unimaginable. The Manze pride strikes while this giraffe is in the process of giving new life. The circle of life continues.



Although we could not get pictures of the whole process, we did get some videos. A first for us was the mother lion trying to cover the Giraffe with sand prior to ambling off to the lake for a drink.






To be at the right place at the right time and witness a standoff between a lion and a leopard must rank very high on the must see list. Our guide Zach and his guests were privileged to experience this rare sighting.




We wonder what is for dinner tonight...



Lioness watching the dinner table at Lake Manze camp



As the outlying water sources are drying up the bird life around Lake Manze has exploded into life. Many different species all over the show add colour and life.  







At this time of year the impala start to drop the new babies. Clusters of young ones congregated together like they were in a crèche. We are trying to figure out if they have arrived early because they sense some rain.





 Finally the wild dogs have been spotted close to the edge of Lake Manze with two new puppies in attendance. This makes for exciting news knowing that this pack of dogs is steadily growing. Numbers are now up to fifteen.




Elephants continue to visit the camp




A warthog grazes peacefully near one of the camp Masaai askaris.


 Lake Manze in the evening


Safe travels.


Shaun, Milli and the Lake Manze team




A fantastic camp in a superb location. Our hosts are very professional and hospitable. The staff and guides are excellent. Thank you for a wonderful time. Jackie


Wouldn’t deny to rate it as one of my best visits till now. Everything from food to boating was amazing. A wonderful and well maintained location. Thank you for being amazing hosts. Naman, Arun and Seema.


A truly amazing and authentic experience. Friendly and helpful staff with a very personalized approach. We really had an unforgettable time.Thank you all for making our first safari experience so memorable. Horem


What a wonderful place. We loved every minute of our time here. So much to see and such knowledgeable staff just added to the experience. Samwel , Emmanuel and Ayoub really know their stuff. Thanks to Shaun and Milli for their hospitality, organization and kindness. All the staff have been amazing. Thanks especially to the masai for keeping the Lions away. We have learnt so much. Thank you. Helen and David Brailsford


Elephants walking  across the camp, WILD DOGS and so many more animals. The variety was spectacular. Selous is a treasure and it is great to see how the staff are eager to preserve wildlife for future generations. We enjoyed our short trip a lot. Thanks to all of you. C


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