Lions, Leopards and Wild dogs in camp

January 18, 2017





At Lake Manze camp in the Selous game reserve...


Visiting the bush on your once in a lifetime honeymoon, you might have a wish list.

Seeing the wild dogs in their natural environment but close to camp is a tick off the bucket list.




Hearing a thump outside your tent and upon investigation seeing a lion with an impala kill  - PRICELESS.

What a fantastic experience for our guests Fredrik and Vanessa Berntsson. Here is the video they took through their tent netting:



Lion activity in the area has been prolific as the different prides are on the move. The lionesses with the four new ones have been spotted on a couple of occasions playing in the thickets. Video courtesy of our honeymooners.


 What else happened this month?

We had a leopard kill in camp – unbelievable. When the bush babies warn you something is happening it probably is.


Our camera trap caught the Genet and Hyena visiting the kill early the next morning.


Plentiful animals around the lake have produced some awesome videos courtesy of our guide Alfred Mzigula using his phone focused through his binoculars. An amazing technique. Right place at the right time. Even the baboons getting in on the feasting.

Watch the video but be warned that the content might be sensitive to some.


 Safe travels.


Shaun, Milli and the Lake Manze team



                                                   GUEST COMMENTS


We came here because we did not want a seaside honeymoon. And what we got was such a fantastic adventure. Every day was a new discovery, and there is nothing like sleeping to the roar of lions, and waking up every morning to the most magnificent dawns we have ever seen. Keep this place a heaven for adventurers, and keep your team as knowledgeable, friendly and professional. You made our honeymoon an unforgettable journey. They use to say there is no path to happiness but happiness is the path. Now we know. With all our friendship.
Vanessa and Fredrik 


What a magical place Lake Manze camp is - not to mention the Selous. Thank you for sharing with us, from lion stories, to magical dinners and of course witnessing animals we never thought we would see. Hope to be back.
Sophie and Charlie


There are many innovative ideas here, some work better than others but all is beautifully held together by the special enthusiasm of Milli and Shaun. We will reluctantly depart with many, many happy memories to keep with us.
Grant and Megan UK


The adventure of a lifetime. Thank you a million times. The best wishes from Lithuania.

Thank you.
Asta, Viole, Gerardas, Irena


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