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January 18, 2017


Here is some news about Fanjove private island (in the SongoSongo archipelago off the southern coast of Tanzania, near Kilwa). We like to send updates from the different months to let you know what you can see there and in which season – this is from Nov 2016.



It has been a great month for diving. Most of the dives were amazing, thanks to shark sightings: we saw Grey Sharks, Black Tip Sharks and White Tip Reef Sharks. And our water had crystal clear visibility over 30 meters, which helped us to see Green Turtles frequently, at least one or two on every dive and sometimes even floating on the surface while we were on the boat. There have been a few trips where we could also see sharks in murky waters which is their ideal hunting condition. Very special indeed!



Snorkeling also was very nice, many of the guests loved it! Especially the Night Snorkeling. People feel nervous when talking about it but once they are floating, they feel how nice and cool it is: it is about seeing creatures and actions that you never see during the day.





One time we saw an octopus spreading its tentacles out and digging its muscles in the sea weeds, dragging them outside its home and feed area.




And we also saw the crocodile fish, a very intelligent fish seen mostly in its hunting position.


Sightings of mammals like dolphins this month were also a special wonder, because of their number every time we got to see them: there were not less than 200 every time! In the pod are babies with mamas, females and males socializing, some busy feeding and swimming and eventually spinning like there is nothing more joyful in life.


Again, this has been a great month for all the living creatures we have encountered, a good sign that the efforts in conservation are giving results!


Hassan and the Fanjove team


Guest Comments


Asante sana for yet again an incredible stay. Each of the staffmember are brilliant.We really enjoyed the snorkeling trip, especially the Night snorkeling! We won't forget the Octopus, crocodile fish and squids for a very long time and can't wait to share the out stories with our friends and family.

See you next time!

Jess and Callum.


What a piece of paradise! We loved every moment on Fanjove Island. Thediving and snorkeling were so beautiful, an amazing underwater beauty! Somany colours and weird little creatures to discover! The beaches, bandas and absolute tranquility was beyond expectation. The staff is amazing and really friendly. Hakim, the excursions we did with him were amazing. All the small things you can see in the night and in front of the island with snorkeling. And always friendly and explaining a lot. He made every excursion an adventure. Mustafa, our main waiter had one of the nicest smiles ever. So every dish or drink served was accompanied by a bit of sunshine.

Thanks a lot for the wonderful stay,

Jannis and Nicole.


The perfect place to have my Birthday. The most beautiful island andfantastic Staff has MADE our stay so memorable. Thank you to the staff -attentive, friendly so helpful. Food was excellent, very well prepared on such a remote island.     AND we got to see the Super moon! Will be recommending Fanjove to all our friends

Asante sana,

Cathy  and  Haydn.



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