Gorgeous Carnivores

February 10, 2017


Talented photographer Gerard Desroches visited Ruaha National Park in Tanzania recently and came away with these gorgeous shots of some of the carnivores to be found there.

It is difficult to visit Ruaha without seeing lions at least once - there is a large concentration of prides there. The elusive leopard is harder to photograph, even though there are many more of them than there are lions.



 On the alert - no African safari is complete without a lion viewing.



 The elusive leopard - camouflaged perfectly in the Ruaha bush.



 There are many rocky outcrops in the Ruaha landscape, perfect for a morning sunbathe.



 A black-backed jackal takes a hasty bite fro this lion kill, keeping a wary eye open all the while.



 The king.... the Ruaha holds over 10% of the world's lions.



 The Ruaha supports globally important populations of wild dogs, though their range is so large that it is always difficult to spot them.


Check out the Ruaha Carnivore Project for lots of information about the current situation.

And we recommend Mdonya Old River camp for a stay in a relaxed environment in a beautiful setting, for carnivore lovers - the guides are expert at finding them, including lion, leopard, cheetah and wild dog. You can book direct at reservation@ed.co.tz or ask us for more information.


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