A lucky safari in Ruaha

February 13, 2017


Buffalo herd grazing in a sand river in Ruaha National Park - photo by Jo Anne Newell


Sometimes visitors are extra lucky when they come on safari to the south of Tanzania. Jo Anne Newell stayed at Mdonya Old River camp in Ruaha recently, and got some really good shots.



 Leopard peering out from the shelter of a Baobab tree in Ruaha.



 This leopard looks impossibly stuck - but probably it is not!


Jo Anne got photos of leopards on two separate occasions, and also of lion cubs playing.



 Lion cubs in Ruaha - loving lying about in the early  morning sun.



 This lion cub is thinking ahead - training for carrying a kill.



 A rare shot of a White-tailed mongoose crossing a path.



 Early morning shot of Bat-eared foxes.


You can see more information about Mdonya Old River camp whose wonderful guides made this possible, at Essential Destinations, the owners also of Lake Manze in Selous and Fanjove Island in SongoSongo.


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