The greening of Ruaha

April 12, 2017


In February and March we saw the full transition of the park in to the “green season” as heavy showers of rain up in the escarpment had the sand rivers thundering down and flowing out in to the Great Ruaha River which also started to flow once again. The rain this month has finally had the grass growing properly and wildflowers can be found popping up amongst the tall grass. The birds and butterflies are in their element.


 Little bee-eater (juvenile)

 African monarch butterfly

 Pin-tailed whydha

The Mdonya falls in full flood

 Video of the Mdonya Falls


Around camp we have been surprised to see an increase in numbers of waterbuck, who walk past on a near daily basis. Another newcomer has been a white baby baboon; other young baboons of the same age are generally very dark which makes this one stand out even more. Interestingly its eyes are not pink so it doesn’t appear to be full albino, it will be interesting to see how he develops as he grows older.







 Video of a young lion enjoying the green in Ruaha


Game drives have been rewarding, with sightings of lions on kills, leopard, cheetah and even a sighting of the wild dogs. Now that the green season has set in the bird life is prolific and you don’t have to be a ‘twitcher’ to appreciate the beauty and variety of birds around.


Sikio Mbovu continues to visit camp and always makes sure that his presence is noted by getting up to his little tricks, he is sometimes accompanied by a few other young elephant bulls. On one morning we had two guests have a very memorable wakeup call by one of the young elephants as he was tearing at the grass just under their tent window!


All photos by Rebecca Phillips and Andrea Pompele in Ruaha.

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No! Paradise is not lost…. We found a new Eden! Informal, harmonious, friendly.

Bernadette and François, 02.02.17


Dear Rebecca and Team, thank you for that great experience! The lodge is extraordinary, lots of little details with love. We have had a good time, the safari was awesome.

Sarah and Gali, 04.02.17


Thank you for a wonderful experience. Great park (the best we have been in Tanzania so far) and phenomenal guides. Camp and hospitality were very welcoming. We loved the stories around dinner table and camp fire! Thank you and we’ll buzz the word around in Dar!

Helene and Helene, 10.02.17


We had such a wonderful and special stay. We enjoyed every minute of our drives with the most helpful guide and skilful driver. We hope to come back and see our trainee guide in action some day. I slept better than I have in months with the animal sounds and stars. Nothing will beat waking to a visit by an elephant. Thanks for everything.

Susan and Sinead, 15.02.17


Thank you so much for the most amazing stay. Delightful staff and the game is brilliant. Wonderful knowledgeable guides. We will be back.

Nicky and Stephen


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