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April 19, 2017


February and March are great months to get out and about in the island. Of course, the weather might determine what you can and can’t do on any given day, but that’s part of the attraction of visiting Fanjove Private Island!




Wildlife lovers might be interested in spotting bottlenose dolphins, diving behind the reef around infinite numbers of fish and see what other signs of marine life can be found in the area.Depending on the tide and direction of weather, you can find a great variety of birds on the accumulated beaches and in the waters to either side.


On the sea, look out for ospreys, frigate birds, egrets as well as hundreds of crab plovers at this time of year. Onshore you can sometimes find waders like sanderlings, sand plovers and sandpipers feeding busily at the water’s edge.

With the return of sardines, the terns are fishing gracefully just offshore – a beautiful sight on a calm evening. 


 cuttlefish on Fanjove reef


Add to this a range of crabs and oysters, and ocean plants including sea grasses and seaweeds.

All in all, a remarkable wildlife-watching opportunity.


Fanjove’s raw natural beauty makes it perfect for photograph, whether it is the stunning coral cliffs, or the tranquil reflections on a calm day.

Come chase the setting sun, especially at this time of year, as the low winter sun shows off at its absolute best.


 you can wander round the island and explore


Almost anywhere you go in Fanjove you will be surrounded by beautiful views. Step out onto the sand banks in turquoise and emerald waters at low tides, or head to the north end for a sight of the towering birds’ rocks. An excellent path will take you all the way, treating you to stunning views of the neighboring island of Songo Songo and to the wisdom tree.


Thank you for taking the time to read our latest newsletter – hopefully there has been something to inspire you to make a visit to Fanjove, for a short trip or a more permanent stay.




"This is a beautiful, smart and sustainable conservation effort! It felt unique to be part, one day and one night, of the coconut crabs, egrets, dolphins, butterflies, ecosystem, hopefully discretely and respectively.

Asante sana to the team, and to Malcolm, “wise conservationist” like-minded.

Until next time!"

Pauline and Federico.


“We were here for two nights and 3 nights. I don’t want to leave!

We will definitely be back. Thanks so much to all the staff (Hassan, Hakim, Mustafa and Selemani) and everyone else whose name I do not know.

It was a wonderful stay on this paradise island with great food, wonderful service, beautiful views and sea and an amazing dolphin experience.

Our weekend will stay with us always. Amazing!”

Azdi and Aditya.


“Thank you to Hassan, Hakim, Mustafa and the rest of the team for the great time that we spent in Fanjove.

Fanjove is definitely the jewel of the swahili coast.

The island had all we were expecting to get: pristine water, wild nature, calm and beautiful sunsets.

It was a great paradise before returning to our crazy urban life!”

Olivier and Vivianne.


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