Ruaha lions are not all sweetness and light

May 3, 2017


 Lions from the magnificent "Mdonya Pride" enjoying a meal near to Mdonya Old River camp in Ruaha.


Increasingly in recent years, the lions of Ruaha - which holds 10% of the world's lions - have been changing their menu to suit the size of the large prides. Normally buffalo form the staple but now the lions will go for giraffe and even elephants. It would be difficult to visit the Ruaha National Park without seeing some lions....





 These photos by Andrea Pompele, one of the managers at Mdonya Old River camp, show the nature of lions rather well!


 This video shows a lion on an elephant kill in Ruaha. The sound of the birds and crickets in the background bring you back in an instant to this beautiful place!

It is the sound you hear from the tents at Mdonya Old River camp.





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