Green Turtles at Fanjove

July 17, 2017

 Fanjove Private Island - SongoSongo archipelago, south east Tanzania


As the Fanjove staff traveled to the island to prepare for the June opening, they were met with a surprise: they were not in fact the first to step foot on the island, but second to Green Turtles who choose Fanjove as a safe location to lay their eggs.


 Green turtle making a nest on Fanjove Island - June 2017

Over the last 7 years, the Fanjove team have recorded, watched and cared for the Green turtle nests. With special training from Sea-Sense, the staff know how to mark the nest without disrupting the eggs, and even carefully move the nest if the eggs are laid at an unfavourable site, such as tidal areas where there is a large transportation of sand.




 Green turtle digging out a nest on Fanjove - June 2017


This season on Fanjove we have 3 confirmed nests plus a suspected fourth and so with 3 hatching dates expected in July, we have some exciting weeks ahead of us!



 Community project by Fanjove at SongoSongo

June has also seen the continuation of community outreach projects; on SongoSongo we celebrate the opening of our new toilet blocks for the school, a testimony of the achievements that are made possible by eco-tourism.





Following the May rainfall the island has quenched its thirst and as a result, it is now fantastically green and many corners are speckled with exquisite flowers. Birds like the Madagascar Bee-eaters are gratefully celebrating the recent rainfall. In the evenings the Kuzi winds continue to blow in from the South and wrap the island in a shroud of comfortable coolness.

The season is off to a promising start with lots to look forward to!


Johan, Laura and the rest of the Fanjove staff


Guest Comments:


“This is our new favourite place in Tanzania – little slice of heaven!”
Jessica & Eric Padron

”There’s only one word to describe the whole experience > Wow. Such a beautiful place, hard to describe with words…” Christian Wicki

”The food was delicious and the dolphin excursion was incredible!” Jeanette Patterson

”We loved the spirit of the island, it’s peaceful, elegant simplicity” Amanda Triossi


 Swimming with dolphins off Fanjove

 A seahorse on the reef at Fanjove

 Dinner on the beach at Fanjove



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