Lake Manze Lions

July 21, 2017




  Photos by Zachariah Mligo, guide at Lake Manze camp


The new season is in full swing at Lake Manze camp in Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania. Preparations and maintenance was slightly delayed as the rains had carried on longer into May than what was anticipated. We were lucky to employ one of the Elephant bulls to direct proceedings in getting all areas up and running.


Many of our guests enjoy their photography, snapping away at everything that moves, collecting thousands of memories of their trip into the Selous.


The obvious trick to this is being at the right time at the right place. Our guide Zacharia Mligo seems to have mastered this trait as he comes up with these amazing once in a lifetime shots for himself and our guests. It seemed as if these lions were inviting you and showing you the way to Lake Manze Camp. Their employment contract took a bit more negotiation but they surely produced the goods.




We have had the most incredible honeymoon here at Lake Manze. Been made to feel like part of the family. Everyone is so friendly. Our guide Zach did an amazing job spotting out all the beautiful animal here. Very sad to be leaving. We will make it our dream and ambition to come back one day. It’s been life changing. Thank you so much to everyone at Lake Manze.

Lulu and Paul


This place is so special, the setting is wonderful exceeded only by the hosts, Shaun and Milli who are a wealth of information and their friendliness and attention to anything that can make your holiday even more perfect. The staff are professional and friendly, always cheerful and helpful. Food was great and the wildlife viewing exceptional by the great drivers and guides. Thank you so much. 

The bush flowers – Julia and Carole


I really liked the design of the lodge. Every small detail tells a story of good taste. Elephant towels, toilet paper with a nature string around it, the animal drawings in the toilet. The service was excellent. We loved the personal atmosphere being greeted by Shaun and Milli on our arrival. A special light – light was the candle – light dinner. Wonderful- Neli


Thank you again both, for a wonderful four days. Here’s a little song dedicated to the hippos:

Mud, mud, glorious mud

There’s nothing quite like it for cooling the blood

So follow me, follow down to the hollow

And there we will wallow in glorious mud

All my love and best wishes to you and your staff

Debbie ( Mad bug lady )



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