We don't like Mdonya - we love it!

August 11, 2017

 Elephants in Ruaha National Park - photo by Gilly and Nick Farr


We don't like Mdonya - we love it! wrote Max and Alex in the guest comments below.


 Buffalo in camp - photo at Mdonya Old River Camp in Ruaha by Andrea Pompele


 Female Greater kudu - photo by Gilly and Nick Farr


The Mdonya woodland-river area has been the place to be this month as our guests have been experiencing one incredible sighting after another just as they head out or come back in to camp.

Mdonya Pride male lion - photo by Andrea Pompele


 Mdonya Pride female lion - photo by Andrea Pompele


 Tree climbing lion - photo by Andrea Pompele


First there was a fortunate sighting of 3 different carnivores all in one location, a pride of lions had taken down a pregnant giraffe and were happily tucking in to their meal, an unfortunate leopard was trapped just nearby in a baobab tree being reluctant to climb down due to the threat of the big powerful lions but it managed its escape when a distraction came in the form of a hungry hyena who was chased off by the lions. What a scene to take in first thing in the morning!

 Fundi the male leopard - photo by Micol Farina in December 2014


 Photo of male leopard in Ruaha in July 2017 by Andrea Pompele - is this Fundi?


 Young leopard cub July 2017 - photo by Andrea Pompele


 Young female leopard cub July 2017 - photo by Andrea Pompele


 Young alert and curious male leopard cub July 2017 - photo by Andrea Pompele


A great source of excitement has been the repeated appearance of 2 young leopard cubs just outside of camp. They are a young male and female, the male has been shown to be very curious and brave, approaching the vehicles, whereas his sister is more timid. Could he be the son of Fundi who showed similar behaviour years ago?


 Caracal in Ruaha National Park - photo by Andrea Pompele


There was also an incredible sighting of the common yet rarely seen Caracal. The Caracal is a small cat with big tufts on the tops of its ears resembling those of a lynx. It is very elusive and is uncommonly seen so relaxed as it crossed the road in front of the car and posed for pictures.


 A bush pig, a civet and a curious hyena visit camp in the night


There were some good night sightings caught by our in camp camera during July


Written by the managers of Mdonya Old River camp in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania, Rebecca Phillips and Andrea Pompele.


 Grazing zebra in ruaha - photo by Ginny and Nick Farr


Guest comments:

We have had a truly magical experience at this lovely camp. The game viewing has been spectacular, the atmosphere warm and welcoming and the food delicious. Many thanks to all the staff for making this a trip which will stay long in the memory. We hope to visit again.

The Chalk family, 02.07.17


Incredible stay in our favourite camp in Tanzania. Professional, courteous and polite. The perfect balance of nature and comfort. Do not change a thing. All the best in future success. We hope to return one day..

Mark, Heather, Seth and Conor, 03.07.17


We don’t like Mdonya – we love it! Thank you very much for the great time, it was fantastic. When we visit Tanzania a second time, we will join the camp again. Vielen Dank! Thank you very much! Grazie!

Max and Alex, 06.07.17


Dearest Mdonya Staff,

Thank you very much for this amazing experience!! Everything was absolutely perfect. From the service and kindness of all the staff, to the wonderful food, to the experience and knowledge of our wonderful Henry and Thomas. Just all so warm and kind, we really felt welcome!! We really hope to that we will one day be able to come again! And we will for sure recommend this great camp to our family and friends! Thank you very much!!

Warm regards,Inge, Cardmi, Stef and David, 16.07.17


Thank you to everyone at Mdonya for making our stay so special! We saw leopard cubs and lions mating – the Tanzanian wildlife is amazing and full of surprises. Our guides were fantastic as well as the helpful staff at camp. We loved the hot water bottles in bed!

Sarah, Andrew and Catherine, 23.07.17


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