And the leopard walked away...

October 6, 2017

 Two young male lions with a leopard they had attacked - photo by Colin Dennis


At Mdonya Old River camp last month, it was a great time for carnivore sightings, especially of cheetahs. But the lions and leopards also provided some very interesting behaviour. Some of our clients, on their way back to camp for lunch, passed by  the spot where they had seen a pride of lions resting earlier on in the day.



Only this time they found the lions in full fight mode: a new male was pushing out the former dominant male and driving out the two young male lions from the pride.


Ruaha lions over a leopard they have just attacked - photo by Colin Dennis


The following day these same two young males were spotted at a bit of a loss wandering through the bush when suddenly they took chase and attacked a leopard that had been resting under a tree.



 Wounded leopard after a lion attack in Ruaha - photos by Colin Dennis


After the leopard stopped fighting back they lost interest and eventually wandered away. Incredibly the leopard wasn’t killed and was later seen walking away from the scene!



 Dennis family with their guides at Mdonya Old River camp in Ruaha


Story by Rebecca Phillips and Andrea Pompele, managers at Mdonya Old River camp.


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