Ruaha - the big cats' cradle

October 23, 2017

Contented leopard in a tree near Mdonya - photo by Alvarez Vicente


The Ruaha National Park in Tanzania is known for big cats. It is pretty difficult to visit without seeing at least one lion. Ruaha holds about 10% of the world's lions. And there are in fact even more leopards than lions there - though they are so much harder to spot that most people do not know this.


 Lionesses in a circle with young cub suckling - photo by Alvarez Vicente


 Growing up in the Ruaha - photo by Alvarez Vicente


Alvarez Vicente stayed at Mdonya Old River camp recently and took these great shots. He was lucky enough to see lions, leopard and cheetah and his sensitive eye and photographic talent captured them pretty well, together with lots of other interesting wildlife!

There are currently some young leopard cubs growing up close to the camp and the guides and guests have frequent sightings of them.


 Mdonya guests see a cheetah on the road near the camp - photo by Alvarez Vicente


 A plump croc pretending to be a rock, by a pool in the Great Ruaha River - photo by Alvarez Vicente


 More camouflage - a Monitor lizard on a sausage tree - photo by Alvarez Vicente


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