Elephant gardeners

November 3, 2017



Elephants are the fertilizers of Africa, distributing the seeds of many a flora around the savannahs and plains. Without these gentle giants and their distribution our landscapes could be so different.


Elephant trunk - caught on camera trap at Lake Manze camp, Selous


Everyone helps with the gardening at Manze camp



We pay homage to them for their relentless work in keeping their part of the eco systems flourishing.




The Manze pride male - by Kalisti Paul

The Manze pride - by Kalisti Paul


ion activity and sightings have been prolific from Lake Manze camp lately, with three prides spotted in the area, totalling twenty-four lions spread about in different places during the full day safaris. It is great to see so many young lions learning their trade.


 "Family Lunch at Lake Manze"


Beautiful shot of a leopard passing elephants near Lake Manze - by Rhys Thatcher


One of our guests was in the right place at the right time to capture this elusive leopard as it sauntered past some elephants. An awesome picture and a fantastic sighting by Rhys Thatcher.


Hyena group in the shade - Selous. photo by Kalisti Paul


Hyena by its burrow in Selous - photo by Kalisti Paul


One hyena on the prowl is fabulous to see but when you spot a whole clan lazing about you realize their unique beauty.



Guide Kalisti Paul caught this African wild dog on camera - the dogs are always popular and often present in the Manze area. The Selous holds the largest number of this species - Lycaeon pictus - in the world.


by Shaun and Milli and the guides at Lake Manze Camp in the Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania


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