Big is beautiful

November 20, 2017

Selous lion - photo by Marie-Paule Schaijes


Ruaha leopard - photo by Marie-Paule Schaijes


Red-billed oxpecker on giraffe - photo by Marie-Paule Schaijes


Maybe big is not always the only standard of beauty - as witnessed in these exquisite photos by Marie-Paule Schaijes, taken while staying in Tanzania.

But here we are listing the National Parks and Reserves of Africa by size, just to put things in perspective.
Hats off to these African countries for the work they do conserving their wildlife for the world.


Africa’s Largest National Parks (sq. km)

Mudumu National Park, Namibia: 85,000

Namib-Nankluft Park, Namibia: 49,768

Kafue National Park, Zambia: 22,400

Etosha National Park, Namibia: 22,270

Ruaha National Park, Tanzania: 20,226

Kruger National Park, South Africa: 19,455

Luvushi Manda National Park, Malawi: 15,000

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania: 14,763

Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe: 14,651

Gemsbok National Park, Botswana: 12,800

Chobe National Park, Botswana: 10,566

South Luangwa National Park, Zambia: 9,050

Lake Kariba Recreational Park, Zimbabwe: 5,200

Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe: 5,053

Uwanda National Park, Tanzania: 5,000

North Luangwa National Park, Zambia: 4,636

Fish River Canyon National Park, Namibia: 4,347

Nxai Pan National Park, Botswana: 4,000

Makgadikgadi National Park, Botswana: 3,900

Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda: 3,885

Kaudum Game Park, Namibia: 3,800

Liuwa Plain National Park, Zambia: 3,660

Mkomazi National Park, Tanzania: 3,600

Mikumi National Park, Tanzania: 3,230

Mweru Wantipa National Park, Zambia: 3,134

Nyika National Park, Malawi: 3,134

Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia: 3,000

Lukusuzi National Park, Zambia: 2,720

Tarangire National Park, Tanzania: 2,600

Katavi National Park, Tanzania: 2,253

Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe: 2,190

Nsumbu National Park, Zambia: 2,020

Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda: 2,000

Kasungu National Park, Malawi: 2,000

Chizarira National Park, Zimbabwe: 1,910

West Luangwa National Park, Zambia: 1,684

Masaai Mara National Reserve, Kenya: 1,672

Skeleton Coast National Park, Namibia: 1,600

Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania: 1,577

Matusadona National Park, Zimbabwe: 1,407

Kidepo National Park, Uganda: 1,334

Mt. Elgon National Park, Uganda: 1,145

Udzungwa Mountains National Park, Tanzania: 1,000

Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Uganda: 996


Africa’s Largest Game Reserves and Conservation Areas (sq. km)

Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania: 55,000

Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Botswana: 52,000

Rungwa-Kisigo-Muhesi game reserves ecosystem, Tanzania: 24,774

Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania: 8,288

Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana: 3,000

Khutse Game Reserve, Botswana: 2,600

Nkhorakota Game Reserve, Malawi: 1,802


Source: African Almanac (after revisions due to recent additions to Ruaha NP)


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