Fanjove: Octopus October

November 28, 2017



 For the visitors to Fanjove Private Island this last month it has been an Octopus-filled October.
It was also a great month for snorkeling, and one attraction that has caused quite a stir is the arrival of several octopus that have moved into the coral nurseries directly in front of the lodge. Octopus feed on small fish that shelter inside corals, and therefore will often move into rock hollows where there are nearby corals for them to use as feeding grounds.



As we came to know the areas where the octopus were inhabiting, we were able to get some beautiful footage as they move over corals, changing from their normal red colour to their hunting colours (sandy beige for stealth). It is truly mesmerizing to watch, as they hunt and change colour they sometimes alter their pattern to give an appearance of body armor when they feel threatened.



The soft corals within our no-fishing zone are a popular safe haven for marine wildlife and the absence of dynamite fishing in the proximal waters of Fanjove Island has meant that the surrounding reef is also full of life.



We continue to work with the SongoSongo Beach Management Unit (BMU), to whom we appointed a boat especially for patrols. We keep the boat supplied with fuel, enabling them to patrol and apprehend illegal fishing vessels and reduce the impact of illegal fishing in the surrounding archipelago.
Both the cooperation of the community of SongoSongo and the BMU assists in the reduction of marine damage nearby Fanjove and the rewards of this are incredible. Both snorkeling and diving in October have been rich in marine wildlife and full of a good mix of reef and pelagic fish.


Halloween fun on Fanjove Private Island


Guest Comments


“Our third visit to Fanjove:
Still a dream island! Professional management, friendly staff and exquisite cuisine. Four perfect days to unwind before facing the cold and grey of European Winter”
6-10-17 Adrian & Marie-Louise (Switzerland)

“Fanjove is a little paradise! It’s the place to relax and reload energy. Here it’spossible to discover the sea and a lot of fish. The rest of the island is still wild. The staff is very helpful and gentle. Congratulations to the chef for the excellent food! We hope to get back in the future.
Arrivederci” Matteo & Valeria (Italy) 26-10-17


“Fanjove Island – Thank you so much for a wonderful stay on your beautiful island. Such paradise, wonderful people, fantastic food and a great way to unwind. The dolphin trip was amazing, lunch on the sandbank island and snorkeling, beautiful. Thank you to Laura, Johan and Hakim, wonderful team you make. Good luck with all your future plans.” Debbie & Greg (UK) 29-10-17

“Dear Fanjove Team,
Thankyou for making our stay wonderful. Fanjove is a little paradise which gives us hope that some things can be saved in this world! Thank you for looking after it!” Andrea & Guy (Swizerland)


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