7 Leopards in 3 days

December 14, 2017

 Leopard near Mdonya Old River Camp, Ruaha - photo by Anna De'Capitani


 Baboons at Mdonya Old River Camp, Ruaha - photo by Rebecca Phillips - note the two white babies


At Mdonya Old River camp in October, we had a flourish of new life as our resident troop of monkeys have all given birth.




The baby monkeys in the first couple of weeks were just clinging on tight to their mothers not very aware of the world around them but recently they have started to gain an interest in taking their first attempts at exploring though always in close proximity to the safety of their mothers.


Baby bushbuck at Mdonya Old River Camp, Ruaha - photo by Rebecca Phillips


One of our resident bushbuck has also had a baby and one evening it came running in to camp being chased by some hungry jackals. luckily for the bushbuck it chose to run to the area next to the public toilet, we heard the noise from the jackals and as we approached the jackals ran off and the baby bushbuck just stood gazing up at us seemingly aware that it had found safety in the camp.




Young lions in Ruaha - photo by Anna De'Capitani


Sightings out on drives have been excellent with the concentration of wildlife around the waterholes. 


Leopard in Ruaha - photo by Anna De'Capitani


Leopard in Ruaha - photo by Anna De'Capitani


Some of our lucky guests saw lions, 2 leopards and 5 cheetah all in one day, while others had near record sightings of 7 leopards in 3 days.


Buffalo herd in the Great Ruaha - photo by Rebecca Phillips


The Great Ruaha River is very low and the lack of water has caused a bacterial outbreak killing many hippos. So we end this month in hope that the rains will arrive soon cooling the harsh afternoon temperatures, giving relief to the wildlife and lifesaving increase in the water levels in the Great Ruaha River. 


Thank you to Anna De’Capitani and Hans Wunderlich for their contributions to this month’s gallery.


Guest comments:


Absolutely amazing experience. As soon as I got here I texted everyone I knew to absolutely come and do a safari in Ruaha and stay here! Thank you for your amazing lodge services. Big up to Hassan and Edmund, best duo ever!

Tina and Tania 05.10.17


A well-meant thank you for the warm hospitality we enjoyed in this camp. And the wonderful park with flora and fauna that you hardly see anywhere else, so complete, is something we will never forget. We had a beautiful stay and will recommend this nice experience by telling friends and family about it.

Eric and Linda, 08.10.17


Dear crew of Mdonya,

Thank you for all your efforts to make it such a magnificent stay. We really enjoyed this amazing bush experience and will never forget our time in the bathroom with the elephants! Thanks again for letting us have dinner in the old river bed, it was one of the most exciting and romantic evenings of our life! Hope to see you again one day!

Jannick and Charlotte, 13.10.17


A great experience. Quite apart from the game drives, the view from tent zero was always interesting! The staff were all friendly and helpful and Rebecca and Andrea excellent and informative hosts. Thanks for a memorable stay.

Richard and Jackie, 15.10.17


 Wonderful four nights stay with memorable game drives, attentive staff, excellent food, knowledgeable guide and a very good driver – what more could one want! We have stayed once before in Ruaha and this stay was far better. We will certainly recommend this camp. Thank you so much to our hosts Rebecca and Andrea.

Richard and Sue, 19.10.17


Young lions in the Ruaha - photo by Anna De'Capitani


 Honeymooning lions in Ruaha - photo by Rebecca Phillips



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