Lake Manze Camp - a jewel in the bush


Greater Kudu in camp

Bee-eaters - Lake Manze, Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania


The short rains arrived in November and December and the Selous has turned into a summer green wonderland.

Animals are fat, shiny and plentiful as they gorge them selves on the never-ending supply of food.

Elephants with many babies, in front of  Lake Manze, Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania



Elephant come to say hello at Lake Manze, Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania


It was fantastic to spot the forty odd Elephants in front of Lake Manze Camp as they returned from an unknown destination. There are many new young elephants milling around with them.


New group of three male lions near Lake Manze camp


Three new male lions were seen about four hundred meters from the camp and at a guess we would think they are about two to three years of age. Are we going to have a showdown with the resident male who treks in between the Manze and Nzerekera pride? We wait in anticipation for this confrontation in the future.


African wild dogs in Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania






The wild dog packs are back and it was fantastic to see nine of them playing together before starting their hunt for impala. Guests also had the opportunity to see the pack of twenty four which included nine new pups!



And finally the bushbaby dropped in to the dining area as it went searching after insects that were drawn to the candles and lantern lights. Cutest little thing.


Safe travels!


Shaun, Milli and the Lake Manze team


Elephant caught by the night camera, walking through Lake Manze camp








So sad to be leaving after a visit that surpassed all expectations. We saw so much, learnt so much, heard so many stories – thank you for looking after us. Hope we will see you again. Jane 


Asante sana for a wonderful experience. The staff attention to detail is exemplary. My appreciation is endless. Susan Cawley USA


Fantastic four days, not just the wildlife (although that was spectacular) but the companionship, laughs and camaraderie we enjoyed with you all. Asante. Kate and Rolly


Thank you so much for enabling us to be part of your jewel in the bush. This is an experience we will never be able to fully describe as feelings as so much more powerful than words. We have seen and heard it all, even the elusive beautiful Leopard. Lake Manze is a beautiful place and has given us a new place in our hearts. I am sure we will be back again. Harun and Ali were fantastic. So, here’s to you, your team and Lake Manze

Stay healthy and happy. Julie and Andy


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