This most beautiful camp

January 19, 2018

A Leopard wanders through the Mdonya area, completely unfazed by the presence of visitors



The tents are set wide apart in this most spacious and beautiful of camps - Mdonya Old River.
The wildlife wanders through in a natural way, the footprint of the camp is so small that they hardly even notice it.



Over the past weeks the Ruaha National Park has completely transformed from being dry and bare to a lush green landscape with puddles and water holes after a few good downpours of rain in the area.



The grass is growing quickly and baby impalas are being born all around. With the rains the flying termites have taken wing providing a real feast for the birds. In particular the Steppe eagles and European storks have been seen in large numbers around the Mdonya woodlands as they feed on termites.  



 Green pigeon with green fruits


The family of five cheetah in the area, have continued to make appearances to the delight of our guests this month, lions have been seen in large numbers and near camp we had a lovely sighting of our 2 resident leopard cubs playing together, who have both grown a lot since we last saw them.  We had a very special glimpse of a big pack of around 30 wild dogs on the road to Mdonya. They were fairly shy of the vehicle but as they crossed the road we were able to get some pictures and marvel at the number of dogs in the pack including some sub-adults.  We haven’t seen them since but are glad to know that such a big pack is around.




All photos by Rebecca Phillips, taken in and around Mdonya Old River camp, RNP, Tanzania.


Guest comments:

It was our first safari and so much better than we even hoped for. From the exceptionally nice people to the incredible animal sightings to the wonderful tents and scenery in the camp. Everything was perfect. We will come back! Thank you so much.

Christine and Olaf, 06.12.17


We returned to Old Mdonya having thoroughly enjoyed a trip last year. This visit was even better for the variety of our wildlife sightings and the camp staff were great as usual. Won’t be our last time here for sure 😊

Peter and Hillary, 07.12.17


What a magical place you have here. I must arrange a Christmas trip one year! Many thanks to all the marvellous staff.

John, 07.12.17


Thank you for such an amazing safari experience! You are all such kind and welcoming people and the animals are too! 😊 The accommodation and service you provide are top-notch! Keep it up! I hope to return in the future and will definitely tell everyone about my time here. All the best to you all.

Jessica, 10.12.17


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