Big cats and little cats

January 22, 2018

Lion in Ruaha - photo by Marie-Paule Schaijes


If you have been watching the BBC’s “Big Cats” series running currently, (see trailer at ) you may be interested in the list of wild cat species.


Leopard in Ruaha - photo by Gerard Desroches


Cheetah in Tanzania - photo by Pedro Ferreira Do Amaral


Serval in Tanzania - photo by Pedro Ferreira Do Amaral


Big cats found in Africa are:

lion, leopard and cheetah

There are also several smaller wild cats including:

African golden cat, African wild cat, caracal, black-footed cat, sand cat, jungle cat and serval.


The photos above are all taken in Tanzania by guests who stayed with Adventure Camps of Tanzania


We found two differently delineated lists of wild cats equally useful as follows:


01 Wild Cats by Lineage - compiled by Sebastian Kennerknecht:

This list and other info can be found online at:


 02 List of Felidae Species by Genus, from Wild Cat Family website








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