The teeth of the crocodile

January 30, 2018

Nile crocodile in the Selous Game Reserve, southern Tanzania - photo by David Liebst


Crocodiles have some of the strongest bite forces in the animal kingdom.

The teeth on the lower jaw of a crocodile fit into grooves on the outside of the top jaw making both the upper and lower teeth visible when the mouth is closed.[01]


Crocodiles are  able to replace each of their approximately 80 teeth up to 50 times in their 35 to 75-year lifespan.[02] They are the only non-mammalian vertebrates with tooth sockets.[03] Next to each full-grown tooth there is a small replacement tooth and an odontogenic stem cell in the dental lamina in standby, which can be activated when required.[04]Tooth replacement slows significantly and eventually stops as the animal grows old.[05]


Crocodile lying with mouth open to maintain cool temperature - photo by David Liebst in Selous


Photo showing holes in upper lip of crocodile - by Zach Mligo of Lake Manze Camp, Selous


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