We think we might be hooked

February 1, 2018



Some highlights from Lake Manze Camp in the Selous Game Reserve, southern Tanzania.

photos by Zachariah Mligo, one of the excellent guides at this camp.





Last month has proven to be a bumper month with many sightings of lions and African wild dog packs. Always a bonus. The one wild dog hunt was partly witnessed by our guests having breakfast in the dining area in camp. The alpha male chasing down a herd of Impala past the camp into the waiting jaws of the rest of the pack.




Our elusive leopards have also made appearances as they ply their trade. A fantastic sighting of a leopard resting in a hole in a Baobab tree made the spot of the month. Hopefully future guests can experience this new home as we think that it will be the leopards’ permanent residence.





After the nice thunderstorms of December the water levels have risen and game is abundant. The new grass is like the forty shades of green and is plentiful to feed the array of young ones around.




The pix above give an idea of just how massive a male lion paw is!


We hope to see you all and many new guests during the 2018 season.


Safe travels, 


Shaun, Milli and the Lake Manze team






Bush, animals, birds, but especially people, What a great experience. Thank you for this beautiful place. See you.

 Bert and Michele


Thank you so much for such an incredible time. We had more fun than we could have imagined. Thoughtful helpful staff, great food, wonderful company and all before we think about the things we saw. We could not believe we got to see lions eating and the wild dogs were brilliant. Watching the kingfishers was definitely a highlight too, and the best hippo was definitely from our candle-lit balcony.

We think we might be hooked

Love Emma and Ciara


I hope every visitor coming after us will be as lucky as us. We are leaving Manze camp with heads full of new information and beautiful memories. Thanks to our amazing guide and driver, Joseph and Kamkumba, who did an amazing job finding animals such as lions, hyena, wild dogs and more. We spent an amazing time thanks to the staff and the great accommodation. Sleeping in the tent definitely adds something more to the experience. Fabienne, Frederic


A stay to truly remember, we loved every second, every drink, laughter and meal. Thank you for your warm hospitality, great support in our surprise and for making this stay amazing. Fiona and Dominic


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