Leopards in the long grass

February 9, 2018



These beautiful shots of leopards were taken by Jean-Daniel Chollet, a guest this January 2018 at Mdonya Old River camp in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania.


Common leopard butterfly - photo by Rebecca Phillips


For fun we also include this “leopard” shot of the Common leopard butterfly (Phalanta phalantha aethiopica) which is also enjoying the current lush green grass of the park.




These extraordinary photo captures, also by Jean-Daniel Chollet, of a leopard climbing up and down a baobab show how strong and muscular they are. They can pull themselves up a vertical tree using their powerful legs and retractable claws.
Like various other large felines, the leopard can draw its claws into folds of skin on the paws to keep them safe and unblunted whilst walking around.


News for Agents: 

Malcolm Ryen, GM of Essential Destinations, the owners of Lake Manze camp Selous, Mdonya Old River camp Ruaha and Fanjove private island, will be at the ITB Berlin trade fair from 7-11 March 2018. Please check in with him to hear of an exciting current offer for agents.


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