Elephant togetherness

March 7, 2018



A beautiful little film showing a group of elephants crossing Lake Manze at sunset - Selous Game Reserve, southern Tanzania.


The matriarch is leading them and urging them on - the babies and youngsters are carefully shepherded between their mums and aunts - all are on the lookout for crocodiles. You can see a Lake Manze camp boat with guests enjoying the sight in the background.


There are a lot of youngsters - probably due to the severe poaching in past years, where the parents were killed for their tusks and the babies were taken over and cared for by the herd. Poaching of elephants in Selous is currently down to almost zero - largely due to PAMS and other Tanzanian voluntary agencies' hard work, and the support of the Tanzanian Government.


Enquire direct of the owners of the camp (Essential Destinations) at info@ed.co.tz




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