A new life for Nando

May 3, 2018


Fanjove Private Island, in the SongoSongo archipelago near Kilwa, Tanzania south coast, has only six bandas which makes for minimum impact on the island environment. The main focus is on the wildlife, sealife and birdlife of this Indian Ocean island. The staff are dedicated and caring and love to interact with the wild environment.


Fanjove Island, with the lighthouse in the background


We love this story from Fanjove, which we posted a couple of years ago, so much that we are re-posting it here.



This enchanting film is about a Subantarctic Skua which was attacked by two crows when it arrived on Fanjove Island, so that  its left leg was broken. The staff on the island named him “Nando” and nursed him back to health.




This took about one month, and they fed and sheltered him in one of the guest bandas, feeding him painstakingly three times a day with fresh fish and giving him clean water. When his leg healed he was freed and slowly learnt to fly again. When some other Skuas arrived he was able to fly off with them.


If you want to know more about Fanjove and how to visit check out the website here



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