Cats and Dogs



Firstly we would like to say a big thank you to Ales Wagner, who stayed at Lake Manze camp in June - all photos in this piece are by Ales.



Cats and dogs!

When you get into the bush your expectations are to see the Lions, the elusive Leopard and of course the Wild Dogs. This month has been exceptional with sightings of all the predators in the areas where we do our game drives.


The wild dog alpha females are currently pregnant and will soon be heading out to find a den so a new generation of pups can be born. Great to see the population of the wild dogs increasing.


Our resident Leopard was spotted on a couple occasions in camp at night and on one of the walking safaris Leopard tracks with a cub were spotted. Has our resident had a cub?  only time will tell.


Birdlife as usual is a sight for sore eyes. Unfortunately, our so-called resident Goshawks have left the nest and have not been seen since the camp opened. Greener pastures await them out in the bush.


Our trusty one tusker group of Elephants with their young ones have been frequenting the camp on a regular basis. The collared big bull makes his appearance on a regular basis chomping away on the Doum palm fruits in camp.


Is June the month of love? We want to say congratulations to all the honeymooners that chose to spend part of their honeymoon with us. May the safari bug bite and you all return with young ones to visit us again.


Congratulations to the whole team in earning the Tripadvisor 2018 Service of Excellence. Well done team


Safe Travels.

Shaun, Milli and the Lake Manze team








This has been the most magical and unforgettable experience. Thank you so much to Jackson and Zahoro – The dream team. We are in awe of your incredible ability to spot Hyena from a mile away, and your encyclopedic knowledge of every animal, bird and tree in Africa – and beyond. The Lion kills were phenomenal but the Giraffe was our favorite. The camp was perfect- particularly our Elephant visits at tent 6. Thank you for making us so welcome Shaun and Milli . We loved the campfire dinners and our chat with fellow guests swopping stories about the days sightings. We’ll be back for the Leopard.

 Beanie and Sue


We had the most wonderful experience here. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly. The food is excellent, the tents are very comfortable and the whole eco-experience is not to be missed. I was not prepared for anything like the wonderful time that we had. We hope to return one day.

George Dunn UK


This has been the best four nights of our honeymoon so far. It has been absolutely splendid. Shaun and Milli were fantastic hosts and made us feel like part of the family. Daniel our guide was amazing. He was very knowledgeable and made me feel very safe despite my anxiety over large animals. We will be back.

Victoria and Rohan










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