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We have identified a new home for her in Woodstock, NY but need to move her to a temporary foster home in the Syracuse area until she has been fully vetted and is ready to be adopted. How well does animal travel: well in crate.

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With bills pilling up, his wife Anne Jenny Sscort finds a job posting on Craigslist for a driver and sends Guy, against his will, for the job.

At their arrival, the doctor's plans are foiled when Nikki causes him to stab himself with the syringe. They continue to escape on a bus.

The four manage to escape the cops but end up crashing Guy's car. They then proceed to pick up two other prostitutes, Jaxi Bria Murphy and Fallon Ashley Tisdalefor a bachelor party.

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Guy expects arresting cops to be at his house but it turns out his car was found by "repo men" syr escort hauled away before the cops could find it. The girls then hold the entire bachelor party at gun point, demanding the return of their money. To his dismay, he runs into the doctor he assaulted, who ends up holding him hostage with a syringe filled with a paralyzing drug, and orders Guy to take him to Nikki.

Guy leaves the party momentarily when Anne goes into false labor. At the house, Guy is ordered to wash the "hardware," referring to a large bag filled with very messy sex toys. They chase the culprit down long halls and end up urinating on him before taking back their money.

Police escort delivers emergency zamboni to rescue of syracuse crunch

Nikki thanks Guy by hiring him to de a house for her and tells him the "hardware" will be awaiting him for the next round. Guy then goes for the interview ysr to be a pizza driver but finds himself as a chauffeur for a prostitute named Nikki Janet Montgomery.

Being based on a romanian personals story, the credits play over scenes that actually took place. They return, exhausted, to their homes in the early morning. The bachelor party then s at full speed but comes to a halt when the girls find themselves robbed.

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The party is filled with over excited testosterone-driven former frat boys. Plot[ edit ] Guy Carter Jason Biggs is an unemployed architect struggling to make ends meet.

The girls then appoint Guy to play "pimp" to get the frat boys in line. Nikki tells Guy that their first stop would be a regular of hers, a kinky doctor in Bel Air Steven Weber. As they leave the hotel, one of the bachelor party guy approaches Nikki and asks for a "quickie.

The four then head to a fancy hotel in Beverly Hills for the bachelor party. We have identified a new home for her in Woodstock, NY but need sr move her to a temporary foster home in the Syracuse area until she syr escort been fully vetted and is ready to be adopted. This prompts Guy to once again rescue her and they are caught in a cop car chase.

She tells Guy to wait in the car for her but when she doesn't respond for hours, Guy decides to break into the house. They both then flee from the scene after the doctor falls over escoft ground and hits his head.

He finds Nikki in a compromising bondage position and thinks that the doctor is torturing Nikki, and tries to rescue her by spraying him with air freshener. How well does animal travel: well in crate.

What str is various strip teases and sexually explicit dancing, followed by a "main event," involving Fallon ejaculating directly on Guy. She then informs him about the duties that came with the job and that he gets a cut of the "take", which prompts Guy to now be very interested in the job. Guy is horrified by the situation but is calmed down by Nikki.